Stingray, Air Blown Fibre

Airblown fibre units (ABFU) are typically installed in micro ducts with an inner diameter of 2-3.5 mm.

Hexatronic Stingray is a high-performance Air Blown Fiber Unit intended for blowing into microducts. The main application area is for fibre access networks such as Fiber To The Home (FTTH).

The Hexatronic Stingray Air Blown Fiber is designed with durability and performance in mind. The unique design offers a combination of properties previously not available on the market. A sturdy fibre unit with state of the art fibre blowing performance increases the installation success rate and provides quick and problem-free installation. The Stingray has a unique sheath material with zero sheath shrinkage, which means no fragile splice points or sensitive installations in wall outlets or fibre cabinets.


The air blown fibre is available with single mode bend resistant G657A2 fibres as a standard. Other fibre types are available on request. The Air Blown Fiber unit is coloured dark blue for good visibility when installed in semi-translucent microducts.

The Air Blown Fiber is delivered in bulk lengths in PANs. For optimum blowing performance, use the Hexatronic Air Blown Tool LTT 179 2011.


Technical Information
Design: Acrylate coated fibre, air blown fibre
Type: Dielectric, for microducts
Dimensions: .1.1-1.4 mm
Capacity: 2-12 fibres
Fibre type: G657A2
Lengths: 1000, 2000, 4000 m (2-12f), 6000 m (2-6f)


Please contact us for Multimode 50 μm OM3, OM4 ABFU availability


Video: how to strip Hexatronic ABFU 


 Article Number Description Datasheet
KRPM258017/2000M ABF 12G657A2 PAN, 2000m DATASHEET
KRPM258018/1000M ABF 2LC/APC 2G657A2 TIA598 REEL. 1000m length DATASHEET
KRPM258018/100M ABF 2LC/APC 2G657A2 TIA598 REEL. 100m length DATASHEET
KRPM258018/200M ABF 2LC/APC 2G657A2 TIA598 REEL. 200m length DATASHEET
KRPM258018/300M ABF 2LC/APC 2G657A2 TIA598 REEL. 300m length DATASHEET
KRPM258018/500M ABF 2LC/APC 2G657A2 TIA598 REEL. 500m length  DATASHEET
KRPM258018/700M ABF 2LC/APC 2G657A2 TIA598 REEL. 700m length DATASHEET
KRPM258019/2000M ABF 2G657A2 TIA598 PAN, 2000m DATASHEET
KRPM258019/4000M ABF 2G657A2 TIA598 PAN, 4000m  
KRPM258023/1000M ABF 12OM3 50µm PAN, 1000m  

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