Fiber access terminals and fiber termination boxes

FATs for indoor or outdoor applications with up to 24 end-user connections. It can handle air-blown fiber in microducts, micro cables as well as drop cables and other fiber optic cables. It can also be used as a fiber optic splice box for various applications.

The fiber termination box (FTB) designed for termination of fibers outside premises in FTTx applications. The box terminates and protects fiber or duct connections for the final drop cabling. It can also be used as a multi-purpose outdoor fiber optic wall outlet. The box is suitable for both air blown fiber installations and drop cables.


Technical Information
Type: Indoor closure, wall mount. Outdoor closure, wall or pole mount
Size: 368x275x114mm
Sealing: (indoor) IP class 54, (outdoor) IP class 56
Capacity: 24 connectors (SC)

Type: FTTH Fiber Optic Termination Box,
Outdoor/indoor use
Dimensions: 190x130x45mm
Sealing: IP class 54
Capacity: 4xSC, 4xLC
Type: Outdoor plastic closure for cables and microducts



 Article Number Description Datasheet
1/NCD507200/1 Fibre access terminal (FAT) indoor excluding adaptors DATASHEET
2/NCD507200/1 Fibre access terminal (FAT) outdoor excluding adaptors DATASHEET
INH8010014 MDU Closure. CONNECTION BOX Indoor Medium 200x87x40mm  
INH8010015 MDU Closure. CONNECTION BOX Indoor Large 400x100x50mm  
INH8010221V3 Fibre Term. Box ETP v3 (Chorus)  DATASHEET
INH8010221/BV3 Fibre Term. Box ETP v3 (Blank)  DATASHEET
NEG90105 Indoor fibre termination box  

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