Intelligent duct fault and wire locator

Compact Locator ( CL43 ) is an affordable and easy-to-use micro duct fault locator when used together with a transmitter ( sonde )  MPL6-33  or MPL7-33.

As a stand alone unit CL43 is a handy wire and cable locator.

MPL6-33 is a separate, very small size micro duct transmitter sonde. It operates on 33kHz tracing frequency and is especially suitable for tracing blockages in micro ducts. Its outer diameter is only 6.4mm and therefore it fits well to standard 14/10, 12/10 or 10/8mm  tubes.

MPL7-33 is suitable for 14/10 and 12/10 tubes

You can attached the sonde to a micro cable or you can blow it the tube "alone". for tracing other small non-conductive pipes and sewers. MPL6-33’s diameter is only 6.4mm so it fits into the standard 12/8mm tubes.


Technical information


Diameter x length:           MPL6-33 : 6.4mm x 84mm

                                         MPL7-33: 7.7mm x 114mm

Signal:                              Continuous

Range:                             MPL6-33 : 2.3m

                                         MPL7-33: 5.1m


 Article Number Description Datasheet
HNZACCLOC Compact locator  
HNZACCSONDE/MPL6 Transmitter ( sonde ), 6.4mm, range 2.3m  
HNZACCSONDE/MPL7 Transmitter ( sonde ), 7.7mm, range 5.1m  


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