About Us

Hexatronic New Zealand (NZ) Ltd


Hexatronic NZ Ltd is part of the Hexatronic Global Group. Hexatronic NZ is New Zealand’s  most experienced solution provider of all Air Blown Fibre ducting products and solutions.

We set the standard for quality and reliability for our customers. We are truly local, with a 10,000m2 Ducting plant in Porirua. The location of our plant enables us to deliver standard and customised products in both a domestic and international basis very efficiently. The plant also provides very valuable fibre testing and integration services for our customers.

We not only offer world class Air Blown products, but provide customised fibre solutions for our customers. We achieve this through working closely with you to understand your needs and overlay our expertise and resources to meet your requirements. 

We are easy to do business with and our customer team is always ready to help and guide you.

Customer Team


Our local Customer Team above are dedicated to servicing our New Zealand customers quickly and efficiently including from left to right Production & Logistics (Jeremy Nunns), Solutions & Technical (Marko Merenheimo), Production (Thorv Rozing), Account Management (Phil Jones), Customer Orders (Paula Mant), Account management (John Witkowski)